Battlefront #1

Reaching Our Friends

Equipping current sites to make space for our friends and neighbors:

Florence: A new chapel, opening up a new way to serve the community through weddings, funerals and other special events. Our community needs a place to mark the moments of what God is doing in their lives. Current plans for the chapel include a seating capacity of over 300. With over 8,000 square feet, it will give Florence a much needed, large, multi-functional meeting space.



West Side: Auditorium and parking expansion to meet the increasing demand. Bottomline: It’s packed and there’s no place to park. The 10 am Sunday service is always full. With West Side’s growth rate of 40% a year, soon there will be no seats at any service. Plans for this site include expanding the auditorium to more than double seating capacity. Also, paving the football field and track area, which will create 300 new parking spaces and improve traffic flow in and out of the property.


Oakley: Auditorium technology upgrade. Our stuff is a decade old. We’re committed to valuing our friends with the best experience they have ever had anywhere. Improve parking lot experience with more spaces and better flow. Our parking lot experience is hard and there’s this thing called Oakley Station. We want our friends to get in and out easily. So we will extend parking to the North Entrance, i.e. the gravel lot, adding almost 200 more spaces.

Mason: Awaited is our best tool for introducing people to Jesus. We’re out of room in Oakley, so we need to expand the show to Mason— starting in 2016.

Battlefront #2

Reaching Our City

Expanding to new sites, reaching new people in the greater Cincinnati area:

Crossroads Uptown: Clifton is an anchor to urban Cincinnati, home to business owners, doctors, professors and 43,000 college students. Knowing that 50% of those students will decide to stay in the Queen City post-graduation, we want to build into our city’s leadership pipeline. We want to serve the next generation of local leaders and influencers by offering them an easily accessible place to experience God and connect with him in a real and relevant way. Within the walls of Old St. George, we will include an 827 seat auditorium, 38 unique spaces, and four Kids Club areas all within the footprint of UC’s main campus. And, we will encourage the city by revitalizing a beloved, yet forgotten landmark— once ravaged by fire, now becoming a freedom outpost for the Kingdom.

New Sites: Crossroads exists because eleven people wanted a place where they could bring their friends and neighbors to hear a relevant message about God in a relatable language. Multi-Site was born out of the realization that many were driving at least 30 minutes, and the idea of inviting friends and neighbors was no longer realistic. The Multi-Site plan is to grow communities with a unified vision, close to our homes. Today, with five sites and sixteen weekend services, Multi-Site has proven itself. We’re reaching 22,000 people a weekend. Physical site growth remains our core strategy, meeting people where they are, in their community. We are mobilizing one unified team, ready to change the face of a region for the Kingdom.

Battlefront #3

Reaching Our Country

Extend to new areas, speaking God’s Truth in fresh ways:

Crossroads Anywhere: We realize that we’ve been given a unique voice for Truth. We’re not the only voice, by any means, but ours seems to be a language that many people understand, even beyond our city. In spring 2015, we took a bold risk and went digital with our church-wide BRAVE journey. Over 26,000 used the app and over 2,700 joined BRAVE groups, across 48 states. We accidentally launched a 2,000 person megachurch outside our city limits. WHAT!

Crossroads Anywhere will be a platform for hundreds of thousands of people to connect to a community of growing Christ-followers who are changing the world. But it’s not just a new version of church TV—we want to bring the fullness of our church experience anywhere, to anyone who’s willing to listen. Crossroads Anywhere will build real community. It will bond people together in geographic regions all over the country to bless their cities. To belong to our team. To be transformed by Jesus.

(If you haven’t downloaded the brand-new Crossroads app, you should do it right now. Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and search for “Crossroads Anywhere.”)

Training Ground: Guys are taught at an early age that they can’t be real with their friends, that vulnerability is for girls and that it’s better to be alone. In February 2015, five hundred men called BS and spent 24 hours in the woods doing man stuff: arm wrestling, chopping down trees, camping, praying, worshipping (all in six inches of snow). As crazy as that sounds, 790 men jumped on a waiting list for the next one. Seven months later, over 2,200 men have attended MAN CAMP—building authentic friendships and taking their relationship with God to the next level.

So far, MAN CAMP has happened on borrowed or rented property in various places. Purchasing a massive, primitive patch of land will give us the freedom to offer even more impactful experiences with God, for decades to come. Not just for MAN CAMP, but also experiences crafted specifically for women (coming in 2016), group retreats, students, and families.

Battlefront #4

Reaching Our World

Engaging deeper in the battle against poverty and social injustice:

CityLink: Building on the existing program, partner and client success, CityLink will research and invest in training programs and social enterprises to further attack poverty in our city. These programs and enterprises will close the skills gap and bridge barriers to employment helping to transform future generations in our city. Know more about CityLink.

South Africa: Empowering South Africans living in poverty to work towards a stable and even thriving life by building a center like CityLink in South Africa, in partnership with Grace Bible Church in Soweto. South Africa has been called the most unequal country in the world, and is the nation with the most people living with HIV/AIDS. The SA government has repeatedly failed to give people hope. CityLink SA is a new approach, spearheaded by the local church, to give people the hope and training they need to change their family's path. CityLink SA will provide job and vocational training as well as entrepreneurial development, all grounded in Jesus. Grace Bible Church is a force for change in South Africa, located in the epicenter of South African culture, and we will come alongside them, make this vision a reality and provide a path to freedom for many who are ready to give up. Know more about our work in South Africa.

India: Intensifying our efforts to stop sex trafficking in India, we are focusing on transforming one of the world’s most notorious red light areas into a healthy, thriving neighborhood. We'll double down with our investigative partners and interrupt the flow of thousands of girls from the earthquake stricken areas of Nepal to India’s brothels. We’ll partner with job creators in Cincinnati and India to provide alternatives to women who, after years in the brothels, have given up hope. Attempting to transform a red light area of this scale is huge; no one knows whether it can be done. We believe it can be done and we’ll measure our work, determining whether our methods are actually making a difference in the long haul. Know more about our work in India.

Nicaragua: Creating better infrastructure (classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms) to serve the 6,000 kids that our community sponsors through Compassion International, ensuring they have a safe place to heal, grow and learn that they have a Heavenly Dad who loves them. Compassion International's programs are the real deal, giving children a chance for a better future.

Following our big Compassion International weekend in April 2015, 17 child development centers were opened across the country of Nicaragua to serve the children we sponsored, as well as their families. These centers provide spiritual growth, education, meals and a sense of community. But they are run by under-resourced churches, often in remote, rural areas. So for these centers to thrive, the kids need basic things like a roof that doesn't leak, a toilet that works, and water that is clean and available. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in our hemisphere, and our work with Compassion can help change that by giving hope to a generation of kids. Know more about our work in Nicaragua.